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Free ASP.NET Web Hosting is temporarily CLOSED. We're preparing Free ASP.NET Web Hosting With DotNetPanel Control Panel.

Free ASP.NET Web Hosting from WebHostForASP.NET

Do you want to have Free ASP.NET Web Hosting or Free Windows Hosting for your small personal site, but do not have the budget. Then this is the perfect plan for you.

Suitable for web beginner, Students, or anyone who want a free website for their blogging websites or picture sharing websites. If you need more reliable ASP.NET Web hosting, you can browse through our paid ASP.NET Hosting plans page.

Why We Give Free ASP.NET Web Hosting and Free Windows Hosting?

The reason is simple, We earn our revenues from paid web hosting and we decided to give back to community who can't afford to pay for their hosting. We also hope by giving the free hosting to the community and in return we can gain more sales for our paid web hosting plans. Help support us so we can continue to give free hosting by telling your friends and colleagues about us.

Privacy Policy

As per our Privacy Policy, we do not distribute your email address or sell your email address to third party. Therefore you can safely signups using your primary email address.

Affiliate Program

Interested in Earning Cash while maintaining your Free Hosting from us ? Sign up for our affiliate program and earn massive $50 for every client signup from your affiliate.
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  • Free ASP.NET Web Hosting Features

    • 100 MB Disk Space
    • No Ads, or google ads
    • ControlPanel Access
    • Unlimited Access Database
    • 24/7 Email Support
    • Front Page Access
    • Fully support ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Perl, CGI
    • Web Based File Manager
    • Free MySQL Databases
  • Limitation of FREE ASP.NET Web Hosting Features

    • 2 MB Max File Size
    • No Audio/Video Files
    • 6 Month Login requirement
    • 2 GB Monthly Bandwidth
    • No FTP Access
    • Link to our site on every footer of your page
    • You need to have a domain name
    • Subject to our terms and conditions
  • Web Hosting Technology

    • WebHostforASP.NET Control Panel
    • ATLAS and AJAX Based ControlPanel
    • 6 Month Login requirement
    • WPF, WCF Supported
    • PHP and MySQL
    • Web Based File Manager
    • Live Chat Tools
  • Data Center/Server Features

    • Windows 2008
    • IIS 7
    • Hot swappable hardware with redundant file storage
    • Fully redundant connections to an oc48 backbone
    • 24/7/365 SUPPORT BY E-MAIL

Free Software Installer / Free PHP Scripts

    • starter kits
    • dotnetnuke
    • community server
    • ngallery
    • mojoportal
    • oscommerce
    • joomla
    • flexwiki
    • phpbb
    • wordpress